Cambio quiz

Thank you for your subscription, welcome to cambio! We do all that is necessary to complete your file and to create your personal cambio chipcard.

Meanwhile we ask all new users to look at our tutorial. In this short video we explain our system and how you can use the cambio-cars (how to book a car, how to open the car, …). The video is followed by a short test. The test ensures us that you have fully understood the carsharing system. This will take up to 20 minutes of your time.

When you pass the test we are automatically notified of your success and we will adapt it in your file. If all other administrative conditions are fulfilled, we can activate your cambio-card.
If you haven’t succeeded, you will have the opportunity to watch the video again and to redo the test.

Please feel free to come by our office to finish your subscription if you prefer a personal contact.
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